Meet the Traveler … Solo Vagabond

Greetings! My name is Matthew. I created this site as a way to document my adventures as a traveler across the world. Soon ill have a real-time location that should be available via a GPS real-time signal. At present its Tirana, Albania. I am originally from the USA with 15 years of servitude living in New York City. I then decided to spread my wings and travel full-time. I have been gone since December of 2019. I really enjoy traveling and since I have never been outside of North America, I decided to move to Thailand via EVA Airways out of JFK Airport…

Some recent destinations: Tirana, Albania 14 days, London England: 19 days, Marrakesh, Morocco: 4 days, Agadir, Morocco: 2 days, Essaouira, Morocco: 24 days

A few more details about my plan. I originally was considering moving to various countries as an expat but this seemed too boring!, I changed the plan and decided to keep moving around the world to experience a new places every few months. Of course, coronavirus interrupted mine and everyone else’s travel plans for 2020, but in the year 2021 I was able to resume my travels, moving from the country of Cambodia to the continent of Europe. I plan on continuing to travel for the long term after 2022 and beyond. This is me…

meet the traveler, solo vagabond
Meet the Traveler … Solo Vagabond

Make sure to check out my other social media. Here’s my Youtube, I have about 300 videos all over the world. I’m still adding to my Instagram here (take 13,000 photos but only added about 200), and finally a new Facebook and, Twitter, Linkedin specifically for this journey. Total social media followers is about 3000 people on my personal plus Solo Vagabond accounts.

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