Packing List / Gear Setups

Setups #1: Heavy 62″ suitcases 30-60kg #2: carry on backpack 7-10kg #3: thru hiking/camping – 6kg #4 day trip 1-3kg

7KG-10KG carry-on flight bag setup (for Ryanair, Wizzair & Scoot Airlines):…. I originally started out with a heavy setup including 3 jumbo 62″ linear suitcases, 1 carry on bag, and 1 bicycle classed as special luggage. This i found too cumbersome and expensive, however the luggage costs on my first Eva Air flight from JFK were reasonable. At present I am using the 2023 Osprey Farpoint 40L mens backpack which I purchased in Bangkok. A secondary bag is the Dueter 30L Aviant package duffle. The backpack weighs around 3.3 lbs and the duffel about 18 oz.

A few notable items in my 10kg/45L setup: 1.75lb Supai Adventures packraft. paddle, vest, and snorkel (around 4.37 lbs total weight; DJI Mini 2 photography drone plus case (weight around 3.3 lbs total), tablet computer, Microsoft Surface Go 3, weight 1.75 lbs; both winter and summer clothing plus outerwear and beachwear, 2-6 outfits of each). Total category weights listed below totalled as 10 lbs wearing and 26 lbs packed:

This setup allows me to walk freely with the bag whereever i am (the airport, bus, street etc). I recommend getting a small digital scale to measure each item individually, and inputting the information into the website to check the weights (the site is free). At present my bag is the Osprey Farpoint 45L mens.

One point, i WILL NOT be camping, this means I wont take the Big Agnes Copper Spur or sleeping bag, so will leave these items in Albania, however, I will need to bring both long sleeves and shorts, with a light jacket, basically 4 seasons clothing. Down in SE Asia it gets really hot here, so the long sleeves wont come in handy but in South Korea ill def need it, depending on the season.

Now lets get into the gear list….

Wearing/on person weight (items that are not counted towards the 7-10kg carry on airline bag weight: at present this is 10 lbs, so this means ill be actually wearing several outfits (a sneaky trick to cut down on weight while boarding a plane). Note that I dont use this trick for bus or train trips or through hiking! These items consist of pocket items like my cell phones, coin purse, belt, socks, underwear, 1 pair of jeans, 1 tanktop and 1 overshirt and hat, and wallet. This category does not count towards the carry on weight.

Luggage weight and container type items, the heaviest category: At the moment the primary bags are the Osprey Farpoint 45L backpack (3.3lbs) and the Deuter 35L Duffel (1.1 lb). I added two 5 liter compression sacks by LifeVenture (also the maker of my wallet). DJI drone cases, two components, one for the controller and one for the drone. These items weigh 10 oz together. Also in this category are 2 toiletry bags weighing 1.5 oz and 2.5 oz, 2 laundry bags weighing 1 oz each and a small pouch for storing small items like SIM cards. Added an XS packing cube by Eagle Creek to store my underwear. The total weight of these items is 6.08 lbs.

Miscellaneous items: This category includes various items like umbrella, glasses case, spare glasses, and some tioletry items like nail clippers and hair trimmer. It also includes my passport, passport cover, a few family photos and photos case, as well as a few minor tools. Weight: 2.0 lbs

Watersports equipment: As previously mentioned the theme of this trip is to visit a few tropical islands, here ive got headlines a Supai Adventures Makcat, 1.75 lbs inflatable boat. Along with this item, is a paddle that weighs 1 lb, a life vest that weighs 10 oz, a pair of aquatic shoes at 5oz, a snorkel 2 oz . The total for this category of weight is 4.37 lbs.

Laptop/Electronics category: This category is the most expensive and was also formerly the heaviest. Headlining here we have the Microsoft Surface Go 3 which weighs in at 1.75 lbs, plus charging adapter 5 oz. The DJI mini 2 drone, and drone controller, along with a few related cords. The drone weighs 249 grams or about 8 oz. Total weight is 5.5 lbs.

Clothing items: I have several hats, including winter and summer, total weight is .66 lbs. I have a winter coat as well as a vest, total weight of these items is 1.69 lbs. I have 3 winter overshirts well as well 8 summer shirt and tanks, weight 4.38 lbs. Two pairs of jeans and summer shorts are weighed at 3.98 lbs. Socks and underwear are coming in at 1.43 lbs. My shoes are in the “wearing” category so wont be counter towards the total carry on weight. Keep in mind that ill be wearing at least 1 outfit on the plane which wont be counter to towards the carry on weight. As we can see im carrying on 26 lbs with the limit at 22 lbs.