Visited Countries & UN List

Countries Overview & Geo subregions – Under the United Nations Geoscheme, we have 193 official UN member states and another 56 territories and disputed regions., and numerous geographical subregions. In Asia we have 48 countries and 5 subregions, Eastern Asia (China, Japan, etc), Southern Asia (India, Bhutan, Nepal, etc). Western Asia (middle eastern countries, Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, etc). In southeast Asia we have 11 countries including Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Cambodia, and so on.

Here’s my list (11 countries out 48; you can see i have quite a few others to explore. Asia/Southeastern Asia: Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia Eastern Asia subregion: China, Japan, Taiwan (disputed subregion of China). subregion southern Asia: India. Finally western Asia: Saudi Arabia. So we can see that I have a long ways to get into the entirety of Asia. Here is my urban cycling exploration of Osaka, Japan. I am an avid cyclist and took trips to surrounding cities including Kobe.

Europe Continental travel locations: According to the UN Europe has 44 countries, so this aside from the Asia continent contains a lot of countries, most being grouped pretty closely together within a smaller geographic area. This is where most of my travel has taken place, other than southeastern Asia.

Here are some places I visited in Europe so far (24): Eastern Europe: Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Southern Europe / Balkans: Albania, Greece, Bosnia, Croatia, Italy, Montenegro, Serbia, Spain, Slovenia, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Canary Islands Western Europe: Austria, Germany, France Northern Europe: England, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland.

Other continents and territories (8): According to UNs list, we have 54 additional countries in Africa (I have visited Morocco), 23 countries in North America (the USA is my home country), Canada (2), Mexico (3). In South America and the Caribbean we have 33 countries, of which I have visited Bahamas, Bermuda, Bimni Islands and the British Virgin Islands (3). Lets recap: Africa (54), Asia (48), Europe (44), South America, Carribean (33), Oceania (13), North America (2).