Greetings from Skopje, Macedonia!

I made it via the Hak bus to Skopje from Tirana Albania. I booked the ticket through Flix bus website because that seems to be the easiest and most trustworthy. I was also concerned about insurance and I do know that Flix bus does offer some insurance for lost luggage! A few details about my trip… The bus route was pretty hilly but not as crazy as over in Montenegro. I left at 9am and we arrived about 5pm. I went over from here to the Hostel Valentin 2 near the bus station, in fact within about 3 blocks.

A few things i first noticed about Skopje…. were all the monuments and statutes. Most of these were newly created to beautify the downtown of Skopje and also to attract tourists like myself and I must say that i am totally impressed with this for such a small country as North Macedonia. Another thing i noticed is that there are backpackers all over the place… everywhere i turn, granted it is the summer travel season but i have to say wow, a lot of fellow company here on tour.

A few things I noticed part II. I have to say that I like Skopje better than Tirana, granted Tirana also has its charms. Skopje wins with the monuments, the castle, the river and the faux ships that are floating along the river which are actually restaurants. I also really like the cheap prices. Even the touristy restaurants and the old town are around $2 for 1 meal. It reminds me a lot of Belgrade via the communistic or modernistic architecture and the green areas, and the store names for example Jumbo and DG. I really enjoyed my time in Belgrade. I was there for 2 months in the summer of 2021 if you recall. Check my walk around a local neighborhood where i was browsing for a cheap local restaurant here on youtube.