My Gear setup for 1 year in India, Greece, and SE Trip, carry on size! gear weights, etc!

Just like most things I do my travel/clothing/gear set up is complex and ever changing! The setup below is geared towards a few things. Its primary suited for Wizzair and Ryanair priority carry on size; one large trolley bag size (40L to 45L) and a smaller 30L personal item sized bag. At present time this is the Pacsafe Venturesafe Exp45 and the Deuter Aviant 35L Duffel which I normally carry in my left hand.

For changes, just this week I purchased a new Surface Go 3 laptop to replace the Acer Swift 3 that was malfunctioning after 3 years on the road. The primary reason was the weight which comes in at 1.75 vs. 2.7 lbs, quite an improvement!

What is the trip purpose? I left Albania a few months ago to tour Greece, make a stop in the Mideast then go to India and then resume my tour of southeast and east Asia – a trip lasting between a few months and over a year, so a pretty long term arrangement.

One point, i WILL NOT be camping, this means I wont take the Big Agnes Copper Spur or sleeping bag, so will leave these items in Albania, however, I will need to bring both long sleeves and shorts, with a light jacket, basically 4 seasons clothing. Down in SE Asia it gets really hot here, so the long sleeves wont come in handy but in Korea ill def need it, depending on the season.

Watersports! … There are a few other notes about the items I’m including. I’ve decided to go with a small watersports theme since I’ll be visiting some tropical islands along the way. I purchased a Supai Adventures Makraft, that weighs 1.75 lbs, a little intertube type boat, heres the link, but its NOT an affiliate link, I am just a paying customer.

Now lets get into the gear list….

Luggage weight, the heaviest category: At the moment the primary bags are the Pacsafe 45L backpack and the Deuter 35L Duffel. I added two 5 liter compressions by LifeVenture (also the maker of my wallet). DJI drone cases, knockoff branded, two components, one for the controller and one for the drone. These items weigh 10 oz together. The Pacsafe is a bag that weighs 4.2 lbs, and the duffel weighs roughly 17 oz. Also in this category are 2 toiletry bags weighing 1.5 oz and 2.5 oz, 2 laundry bags weighing 1 oz each and a small pouch for storing paper receipts. I also have another bag which ill discuss later on. The total weight of these items is 7.13 lbs.

Watersports equipment: As previously mentioned the theme of this trip is to visit a few tropical islands, here ive got headlines a Supai Adventures Makcat, 1.75 lbs inflatable boat. Along with this item, is a paddle that weighs 1 lb, a life vest that weighs 10 oz, a pair of aquatic shoes at 5oz, a snorkel mask that weighs 22 oz (although I may replace this with a more lightweight item). The total for this category of weight is 5.25 lbs.

Pocket Items Category: For this category ive included items that I am fitting inside my pocket so they dont technically count towards my checked bag weight on an airline or weight that I am carrying as a base hiker weight. These include 2 phones, an Android and an ihpone i have as a backup phone and for tracking my Apple Airtags luggage locaters. The weight for this category is 1lbs. This category obviously does not add into the base weight total.

Laptop/Electronics category: This category is the most expensive and was also formerly the heaviest. Headlining here we have the Microsoft Surface Go 3 which weighs in at 1.75 lbs. The DJI mini 2 drone, and drone controller, along with a few related cords. The drone weighs 249 grams or about 8 oz.